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Alex Brunaldi




The characteristic light and sophisticated style trait of Italian-Danish duo GamFratesi inspires Raphael: a new way of designing the living space thanks to the use of single furnishing pieces with refined tailoring, capable of becoming protagonists of the space, and expressing the same comfort as traditional modular seating systems. 

Three sofa variants, four types of armchairs, two dining little armchairs and two footstools, all conceived as adaptable to smaller domestic contexts, while still meeting the high demands of decorators and interior designers. Organic forms, with generous and cosy proportions, are enhanced by sophisticated upholstery that masterfully interprets its distinctive sinuous lines. 

The Raphael sofas and armchairs stands on the floor on modern feet in die-cast Bronze or polished Pewter aluminium or Licorice-stained ash, the design of which adapts to the morphology of the seating shapes. The result is a furnishing piece with classic forms reinterpreted in a modern key. The armchairs are also available with a swivel four-spoke die-cast aluminium base in Bronze or polished Pewter. 

Each individual element of the family has its own identity and silhouette. The sofas are available in three variants: linear, semi-curved and asymmetrical semi-curved, the latter animated by the series of sinuous lines given by the backrest, punctuated by a gentle change of heights. The armchairs are characterised by their comfortable seating, not only in the larger model, but also in the smaller version and in the dining version, which is available both fixed, with legs in Licorice-coloured ash, and with a swivel four-spoke die-cast aluminium base in Bronze or polished Pewter.

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 Technical Features
In metal coated in fire-resistant polyurethane foam and encased in breathable heat-bonded fibre laminated to white hypoallergenic cotton fabric to lend extra softness. Seat suspension provided by high-rubber-content elastic webbing. Two zippers located under the seat where the belt ends meet facilitate removal of the upholstery.   Seat and backrest cushions in channelled goose down undergo routine sanitization as specified in EC Regulation No. 1069/2009 (Assopiuma certified, Gold Label). Insert in high resilience, variable-density polyurethane foam and, in the upper part, temperaturesensitive polyurethane material. Then the seat cushion is encased in breathable heat-bonded fibre laminated to white hypoallergenic cotton fabric.   In cast-aluminium with varnished polished anti-fingerprint Bronze or Pewter colour finish; also available in solid ash with kiln-dried open-pore licorice colour lacquer finish. Crafted on CNC machines. Equipped with black protective felt slides or black polyethylene glides.
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